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Pigs Passing

The pigs have passed through our lives and on toward their eventual purpose as dinner. I’ve tried to be sad about this, and, while I’m not gleeful, I’m not particularly morose either. Andrew, who did much of their caretaking, is … Continue reading

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Stuck In the Cave

Plato wrote about it, Ecclesiastes vamped on the subject, Robbie Burns wistfully wondered. I can be as self-serving as the next person; I cherish the occasional glimpses I get of myself from the outside, whether they are complimentary or not. … Continue reading

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Romancing the Fair

I did not meet my husband at the Blue Hill Fair, the fair where Wilbur was extolled with the spidery writing of “Some Pig,” one of the last country fairs in Maine. But I might have. It would have happened … Continue reading

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I think I may have met an angel.

This past week I slipped into that bubble of Zen travel time, where my thoughts are my own and sights and sounds out of my normal experience. A job took me to White Plains, and, not appreciating high speeds, passing … Continue reading

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Reunions–Granfalloons Done Right

These people I felt so awkward around in high school, back in the early 70s? It turns out I really like them.  I was a late comer to their party. Most of them had been together since kindergarten, but I … Continue reading

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I Would Flip More Than the Classroom

There is a gulf between what we know works (projects, passion, personal initiative) and what is mandated (rigorous testing, uniform presentation, threats). This is like the disconnect we all recognize with someone saying the beating they’ve just delivered was out … Continue reading

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A Call to Arms

I had a somewhat difficult conversation with a friend. Not difficult in the “I need to get this off my chest” sort of way. Rather, it touched on several nerves that have troubled me before. I see the bolus of … Continue reading

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