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Changing the world–a two sided equasion

“ ‘I wish I had known I wasn’t going to change the world,’ I’ve heard others say.” – – shared this morning in the FaceBook group Peace Corps Northeast. The writer goes on to describe the small ways her … Continue reading

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Wandering in a group and alone

The first whiff of diesel and hot rubber smacked into us as the air conditioned bus unloaded in the center of Rabat, Morocco. It was like coming home. Bags were piled in front of an arched gate in a stone … Continue reading

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Childhood Illnesses

I am old enough to have been born before most modern vaccines were available. The only usual ones I got were for polio, a drink as I remember it, and small pox. I got a bunch of others, too, that … Continue reading

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Giving and Memory

Memories rise up from odd places. The donation request was for supporting an 11 year old student, with the goal to provide future leaders in Palestine with an education that includes the Quaker focus on reconciliation and achieving peace. It … Continue reading

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Romancing the Fair

I did not meet my husband at the Blue Hill Fair, the fair where Wilbur was extolled with the spidery writing of “Some Pig,” one of the last country fairs in Maine. But I might have. It would have happened … Continue reading

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I think I may have met an angel.

This past week I slipped into that bubble of Zen travel time, where my thoughts are my own and sights and sounds out of my normal experience. A job took me to White Plains, and, not appreciating high speeds, passing … Continue reading

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