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Rafe–Dealing With Spies

[This follows “The Feral Sheep”] Rafe pulled into the third lay-by she encountered. It was backed up against a stream overhung with willows. She unharnessed Snarge and pushed the dog-cart under one of the trees. Across the stream was a … Continue reading

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I think I may have met an angel.

This past week I slipped into that bubble of Zen travel time, where my thoughts are my own and sights and sounds out of my normal experience. A job took me to White Plains, and, not appreciating high speeds, passing … Continue reading

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Riding the Bus–Magic and Not So Much

“I have often thought,” said my dad, driving me home after my second and last year at boarding school, “that we would all have been happier if I had just given you a hundred bucks and a roadmap for your … Continue reading

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Rafe–Breaking Warp

This fits in between Frozen River 02 and A Mission. The fire crackled with dry wood and pitch. Rafe sucked the marrow from a bone and leaned back on her bed roll. The sky was hazed, but did not feel … Continue reading

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