I am a writer, copy editor, proofreader, teacher, and student. I am also a knitter, spinner, and designer of elegant shawls and cozy hats. Whatever other jobs I have held in my life, education, writing, and knitting have defined how I approach the world.

Education, for me, has always been a two way street. Learning is a life-long process for me. I am compelled to share what I’ve learned just as I am compelled to learn new things. I am constantly revising, re-visioning, and communicating.

Writing, and reading, have been my most constant companions. They have served me in good stead since before I received my first Golden Books, through hours of escape as I adjusted to living in North Africa outside my birth culture, on to my current life immersed in of my own and those of others.

Working with fiber has been the key to making my life work on an even keel. I can read while knitting and the kinesthetic action of the needles and yarn helped me study and learn. When faced with a gnarly problem at work, I turn to my needles as I work through to a solution. The more daunting the problem, the more complicated the lace I knit.

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