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Welcome to my world and musings.

Many years ago, after a Christmas season spent on a variety of cash registers around town, I thought it might be a good idea to look at moving up ladder. I was on a low enough rung that I figured I could climb quite a way before even glimpsing the glass ceiling. Turned out I was wrong.

My first interview was with a corporate type from Zayers. (That gives you an era.) “Tell me a bit about yourself,” was his opening gambit. So I did. He folded my application in half, placed his hands on the table between us, and straight-lined his lips. “You’ve got a history. I don’t think you are what Zayers is looking for.” I wasn’t even thirty years old.

This blog is a reflection on that history, and what came later. It contains fact, fiction, and opinion, with a fair amount of attitude. Welcome to my world.

Writing, Teaching, Learning: A Mission


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