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The Gathering

A week ago today (7:30am, Friday, November 7), I was leaving Ellsworth on my way to my very first Gathering. I was squired by Maudie, an experienced Gatherer. The bear, sporting a scarf make by The Gathering committee, greeted us … Continue reading

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Crowd-Chops–Where they gone to?

I’ve lost my crowd-chops. Again. Two days at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine taught me that. Truth be told, I haven’t had them for years, since well before I took up the life of a near solitary, living … Continue reading

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In the Learning Zone

I’d like to say “a number of years ago” but really it was back in 1985. Dad, who had been complaining about having to turn his lecture notes over to a secretary, said, “There comes a time when a man … Continue reading

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Age Appropriate

Warning: This has nothing to do with either smut or sex. There are some types of knowledge, that, if acquired too soon, you spend a lifetime re-learning. Take your left and right hands, for instance. I’m one of those “other … Continue reading

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I used to sit in Friends Meeting meditating on perspective. My inspiration came from observing the brick wall outside an upper window. Intellectually I was aware that the lines of mortar were parallel, as were the muntins (my first new … Continue reading

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The Language of Knitting

As with many communities geared toward the discussion of a broad topic, there are threads in the knitting world that rise from time to time. Sometimes this is a seasonal manifestation – Christmas or Hanukkah gifts; wool, cotton, or linen … Continue reading

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