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Night Watch

Then he turned to Wilf. “Look, boy. You go tell your Da that I want a word with him. And your Uncle Ducky as well. And maybe that Molly.” As Wilf hustled off Old Farley turned back to Rafe. “You’ll … Continue reading

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Lace and Me

When I first lived in the New City of Fés (Fés Djadeed as we called it),  I was not the rabid lace knitter that I am now. I had done color work during the Lopi Icelandic Sweater rage, and I … Continue reading

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Centered Eyelet

I’ve been working on getting a pattern ready for publishing. One of the sad things I’ve discovered is that I think of my knitting one way, using one set of motions to create stitches, but actually perform them in an … Continue reading

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Mobius Madness

Here is a “How To” I sent to a BadCat’s Into Infinity knit along. At the end are some of the completed scarves that make the cast on portions completed. I’ve also improved my photo editing skills, so the arrows … Continue reading

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