Graduation Shawls

The first graduation shawl I knit was for a niece. It was made from some lovely mottled purple worsted weight wool I had gotten from The Dye Pot. It was a modified hap style shawl, using a garter triangle knit from point to a width just shy of shoulder to shoulder across the back of the neck. I knit a small saw-toothed edging across the wide part of the triangle. This continued as I picked up the short sides of the triangle to knit the border, which was a Madeira Lace done in garter stitch. After several repeats of this, I morphed into a modified Old Shale for about a quarter the length of the Madeira. Last of all I added an edge that continued the edging from the top, but added a medallion and some faggoting. Blocked it was gorgeous:


This shawl is the next one – a smaller triangle, more Madeira, less Old Shale, but the same edging. It was done in a lace weight merino-cashmere from Colourmart. The third one explored proportions again and was knit from some handspun BFL from Highland Handmades in her Loki’s Whim colorway – an acid green with navy blue accents. Both these shawls are for nieces – one a recent graduate and the other with a year-old master’s degree.

My daughter is the only one who hasn’t gotten one. I asked her what colors she wanted. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “You’ve already got too many. I’ll just take one of yours.” As if she had been planning it, she snagged a multi-colored alpaca wool blend in natural greys, white, and browns. “This will go perfectly with that hat you made me.”

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