My Years

To begin with, I am a teacher in public schools.  As such my year starts in September and ends in August.  This cleverly mimics a normal week, where the workday starts with Monday and ends with Saturday and Sunday – the Weekend, a sort of mini-vacation, longer if a Monday holiday makes it a “long weekend”.  So in that sense my year starts with the work months and ends with vacation.  Just like the weekend, summer vacation is not really a time apart from the world, it is more just a change in occupation.

My fiber year is different.  It starts in June with the Fiber Frolic in Windsor and ends in September with the Common Ground Fair.  I had briefly thought that it would end with the Spa in Portland at the Double Tree Inn, but sadly they moved that to Freeport and used up 2 hotels for the spinning / knitting in public.  That was too much for me.  Wandering around one place seeing what people were up to was fun, but 2 boggled my mind.  Besides, who can schlep their stuff around two hotels, up streets, across parking lots in February in Maine, for godsake? 

So instead my fiber year ends in February with the Newport Spin-in with the busy hum of wheels and voices, the Yankee Swap, and (of course) the stash enhancement.  Each year we plead with each other “Don’t let me buy” but no one wants the guilt of depriving someone else of a potential treasure.  We live, after all, in the state that brought you “I should’ve bought it when I saw it at Marden’s.”  We know how to carpe diem.  There is a brief drought after the Spin-in while we save up for a blow out at the next years beginning.

About Susacadia

I am a writer, fiber artist, and occasional raconteur. I've been around the block a time or two, but stuck to any career I ever had for at least 10 years. They have all morphed logically from one to another. But under it all I have eternally been a teacher and a learner.
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