Garlic scapes from our own garden.

Welcome to my world. This post will change over time, as I add my thoughts and ideas. Mostly this blog will be about yarn and fiber – the wooly fabric making kind, not the kind you eat. From time to time I will post patterns, pictures of my work, stories I am working on. I am also exploring the world of cooking – but not from a dietary fibery perspective. No, my cooking will focus on flavor, natural ingredients – but maybe not always organic.

Mostly this blot will be a chart of my thoughts as I move from a lifetime of being employed by others, to being self directed in my pursuits. I am embarking on a career as a freelancer, but the jobs I embark on will be of my own choosing. In the meantime, this is under construction. I’ll try to keep a map handy to guide us all.

But as Tolkien said: “All who wander are not lost.” I’m going to try enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

About Susacadia

I am a writer, fiber artist, and occasional raconteur. I've been around the block a time or two, but stuck to any career I ever had for at least 10 years. They have all morphed logically from one to another. But under it all I have eternally been a teacher and a learner.
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One Response to Self-Definition

  1. Marti Flint says:

    I bow to thee—If only I had a side talent such as you. You are to be envied…

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