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I am a writer, fiber artist, and occasional raconteur. I've been around the block a time or two, but stuck to any career I ever had for at least 10 years. They have all morphed logically from one to another. But under it all I have eternally been a teacher and a learner.

Talking to Girls

“I would like to punch that person in the throat for being so stupid!” This girl’s comment was the first thing that came to mind after reading an essay by Lisa Bloom written in 2011. It brought up a lot … Continue reading

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Rafe–Frozen River (rev 1)

      This is a revision, augmented and edited, of a section published last year. Rafe rolled her shoulders and cracked her back as she stood at the edge of the ice, leaning on Blade, to watch the developing … Continue reading

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Wandering in a group and alone

The first whiff of diesel and hot rubber smacked into us as the air conditioned bus unloaded in the center of Rabat, Morocco. It was like coming home. Bags were piled in front of an arched gate in a stone … Continue reading

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A Song Unsung

The first thing Andrette said to me, once our parents had abandoned us to our future as roommates, was “You’ve got no Soul.” “What? I have a soul!” I wasn’t being purposefully obtuse. It was 1968, and I’m sure Andrette … Continue reading

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Vonnegut, Unstuck

Kurt Vonnegut has been on my mind lately. The movie Unstuck in Time has something to do with it, I’m sure. He had a knack for creating language. Foma, granfalloons, karass and sinookas are just a few. The first of … Continue reading

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Childhood Illnesses

I am old enough to have been born before most modern vaccines were available. The only usual ones I got were for polio, a drink as I remember it, and small pox. I got a bunch of others, too, that … Continue reading

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Rafe–Return Day

It was Return Day, forty-seven days past Solstice, and the town of Riverside had been living in Winter Home for close to seventy. The worst of the winter storms has passed and herdsmen reported that the ewes were near lambing. … Continue reading

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An Ode to Julia Child

 I’ve been listening to Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child as my audio car reading. In my Audible search Dearie came in a tasty 25 hours and 29 minutes, long enough to dig in for the trips to Bar … Continue reading

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Giving and Memory

Memories rise up from odd places. The donation request was for supporting an 11 year old student, with the goal to provide future leaders in Palestine with an education that includes the Quaker focus on reconciliation and achieving peace. It … Continue reading

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Lace and Me

When I first lived in the New City of Fés (Fés Djadeed as we called it),  I was not the rabid lace knitter that I am now. I had done color work during the Lopi Icelandic Sweater rage, and I … Continue reading

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