Links to Beekeeping Sites


ABF – American Bee Federation

EAS – The Eastern Apicultural Society

IBRA – International Bee Research Association publisher of The Journal of Apicultural Research

Maine State Beekeepers Association

Honey bee Related Internet Forums and Mailing Lists


BeeMaster Forums

Bee Source Forums

Organic Beekeepers

Facebook Honey bee Groups

Maine Beekeepers

Top Bar Hive Beekeepers

Bee and Queen Vendors I have used

Please Note – Not all bee vendors have web pages or otherwise advertise on the Internet!

Cold Country Queens (Bob Brachman) part of the Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association

Gold Star Honeybees (Christy Hemenway)

Olivarez Honey Bees

New Moon Apiary (Karen Kimball) Karen is a Master Beekeeper (U Montana)

Overland Apiaries (Erin Forbes) Erin is a Master Beekeeper (EAS) and Chair of EAS

Spicer Bees (David Spicer) Dave is VP of the MSBA.

Strachan Apiaries

Swan’s Honey

Equipment Vendors I have used

Bee Thinking (Top Bar & Warre’ Hives)


Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

The Honey Exchange

Humble Abodes

Just Bee Cause Facebook

Kelley Beekeeping formerly the Walter T. Kelley Bee Co.

Mann Lake

Maxant Industries

Individual’s Websites Worth a Look

Rusty Burlew Rusty is a Master Beekeeper (U Montana)

Michael Bush Michael is an author and natural beekeeping guru.

Randy Oliver Randy is a citizen-scientist par excellence


American Bee Journal

Bee-Craft (UK)

Bee Culture

Federal Government Research

USDA ARS (Agricultural Research Service) Tucson, Arizona – Carl Hayden Bee Research Center

State Government Research

Maine bumble bee Atlas

Honey bee Health

Bee Informed Partnership


Honey Bee Health Coalition

NY Bee Wellness

Project Apis m

Pollinator Protection / Habitat

The Integrated Crop Pollination Project

The Pollinator Partnership

The Xerces Society

Local Clubs

(all on Facebook and all in Maine)

Northern Penobscot County Beekeepers

Penobscot County Beekeepers Association

Tri-County Beekeepers Club

Washington County Beekeepers Association

Master Beekeeping Programs

Eastern Apicultural Society

The University of Montana

Cornell University

Bee Books

Lots of places (like Amazon & Bee Equipment suppliers) sell books.  These are special.

Northern Bee Books (UK)

Wicwas Press (Dr. Lawrence J. Connor)

Old bee book collection –  The Hive and the Honey bee Collection Cornell University



Peaked Mountain Farm and Native Pollinator Sanctuary

Woodlawn Museum  (There are bees here, but they are not a part of the museum.)


Apiary Inspectors of America

George Imirie’s Pink Pages

MAAREC – Mid Atlantic Apiculture & Extension Consortium

PennState Extension

Northeast SARE – Northeast Sustainable Apiculture Research & Education

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Plants/Gardening/Other interesting Stuff

Teaching Kids about the importance of Honey bees (thanks to Jennifer in Colorado for this!)

Prairie Moon Nursery

USDA Plants Database






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